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COMPANY NAME (hereinafter referred to as " COMPANY NAME") offers its services via the website "".

COMPANY NAME is responsible for the processing of your Personal Data, as defined below.


For the purposes of this policy:

"Personal Data" means:

  • Name, address, telephone number
  • IP-address
  • Payment Data
  • Call Data Records
"Services" means all communication services provided by COMPANY NAME
  1. Collection of the Personal Data and use of collected Personal Data
  2. COMPANY NAME uses your Personal Data for the provision of Services and billing purposes.
  3. COMPANY NAME may use your Personal Data to improve their Services.
  4. COMPANY NAME may use your Personal Data to defect misuse of its system and / or a customer account.
  5. COMPANY NAME may use the Personal Data to provide you with information relating to your account.
  6. COMPANY NAME may use the Personal Data for marketing purposes, unless you object to this. Thus, you may at any time and without charge, contact COMPANY NAME at the above-mentioned address to stop any use of your Personal Data for advertising or solicitation purposes.
  7. COMPANY NAME and any partner involved in providing the Services will store your Personal Data no longer than the time necessary to provide Services and in any case no longer than the maximum period permitted by the local laws, rules and regulations on Personal Data protection.
  8. Disclosure and sharing of your Personal Data
  9. COMPANY NAME ensures the confidentiality of your Personal Data and will never disclose them to third parties without your consent, apart from the partners involved in providing the Services.
  10. However, these partners involved in providing the Services will only receive the Personal Data required to perform Services. COMPANY NAME and its partners are prohibited from using your Personal Data for any other purposes.
  11. Your Personal Data can be transmitted and stored in Luxembourg and in Switzerland, offering an adequate level of protection.
  12. By using the Services provided by COMPANY NAME, you agree that your Personal Data can be transmitted to partners in Members States of European Union or in countries providing adequate protection for the provision of the Services.
  13. Personal Data may additionally be communicated to any employee of COMPANY NAME or any partner involved in providing the Services. The communication to these third parties is limited to data necessary for the performance of their tasks for the same purposes as the one of COMPANY NAME.
  14. Security of your Personal Data
  15. COMPANY NAME uses standard security technologies and procedures to ensure the protection of your Personal Data against unauthorized access, use, disclosure or destruction.
  16. COMPANY NAME takes security measures, such as technical and organizational measures against unauthorized or unlawful access to your Personal Data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to your Personal Data.
  17. Any sensitive information, such as your credit card number are protected by encryption. The encrypted communication is established using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.
  18. Indeed, SSL provides the secure exchange of data between two computers in order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity of exchanged information and authentication by recognition of the identity of the program, the person or company with which the Personal Data is exchanged.
  19. Access to your Personal Data
  20. You can request free access to your Personal Data processed and stored by COMPANY NAME.
  21. Should you wish to access to, update, rectify your Personal Data or object at any time, for compelling and legitimate reasons relating to your special situation, the processing of any data on you, you may make a request in writing to the address indicated below:

Street Address

Commercial Register of the Local Court: country.
VAT registration number: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA.